Friday, March 27, 2009

DCIM 2009: Opening and Velocity Angels

main2 We were informed that there will be an official opening between 10:00 and 11:00 am for the DCIM 2009 tradeshow.  The “official opening” was not until 11:15 or so.


Anyway, for those who are not aware, DCIM stands for Digital Camera, Imaging and Media, which is organized by Velocity Media.  There were lots of publicity about it where the show will be exhibiting cameras and related accessories, a series of workshops, talks and of course the highlights “The Velocity Angel Search!”.


To me, it was an utter disappointment on the first day, other than the velocity angels photoshoots.  Why?  For a tradeshow that’s suppose to be predominantly about digital cameras, we have

Panasonic Lumix with a half-hearted effort and little hooray about their Lumix G1.  Although they did take the front of the exhibition hall, the booth just doesn’t seem to be a serious effort.


Nikon did a commendable job, knowing that most of the attention will be on the shooting of the Velocity Angels, they have their booth really strategic.  However, it is quite a disappointment for me that they did not even bother to bring the Nikon P90 for this event!


Canon built a platform above their booth which gave a very good view of the whole tradeshow although the quality of the platform can be more re-assuring.


Epson and Canon were also showing their large format photo printers where Canon had very good samples of images printed onto the canvases.  I was informed that there is a printer in PWTC that can do this and will be paying them a visit in the future.


Other exhibit of interests are the camera bags such as LowePro and Kata, tripods by Manfrotto and also newer brands such as Victory, and some exhibit of lightboxes.  On one side of the tradeshow were computer related stuff which I thought was not really relevant and seems to be an add on when they could not get enough participants.



Overall, it was something that you can walk through and browse in about 30 to 60 minutes.  However, the angels shooting is something of a highlight and I would advise that you bring a step ladder with you to take the photos.


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Anonymous said...

No Sony booth?

Ian Tan said...

Nope ... nothing much to see ...