Saturday, October 30, 2010

KL Photography Festival (KLPF)

Better now than never.  Ok, there is this large exhibition going on at the Mid-Valley Exhibition Center that is hosting more than 50 photography related exhibitors for this weekend.  These include the normal suspects; Nikon, Canon, Benro, Lowerpro, Epson, Fujifilm …. but, but … also Sigma! Sony! and a few other unusual exhibitors for these type of trade shows.


I for one, who have been avoiding Mid-Valley for weekends, will not be going.  That is for sure.  However, for those who loves an adventure in traffic manoeuvring and experts in special parking areas, there are lots of activities lined up.  These include;

  • Sigma New Lens Part I - Steve Chong
  • The Olympus PEN as an every day camera by David Chua
  • Sony Alpha “The Moment” by James, and
  • Lots of Model Shooting opportunities

Have fun and do give leave your comments here after you visited KLPF!  Doesn’t have to be about photography, but the whole idea of having a trade show in a place where even without anything happening on the MVEC, it is already a nightmare place to go to …

Friday, October 01, 2010

Pre-view of 5 new Lotus cars, the Elan, Elise, Eterne, Esprit and Elite

Wow … with the on-going saga on Lotus vs Lotus (to be exact Team Lotus vs Lotus Group), Lotus Group has unveiled 5 new Lotus cars.  Ok, technically 4 more new Lotus cars as the Elite was already disclosed a few weeks back.  Starting from the £35,000 Elise to the £120,000 Eterne, the expected range of cars are:-

  • Esprit … yes, the name of the legendary James Bond Lotus Esprit is back in 2013
  • Elan, an everyday sports car, that is also expected in 2013
  • Elite, the Aston Martin looking car, that was earlier unveiled and is expected in 2014
  • Elise, the most affordable model which is expected in 2015
  • Eterne, a four-door sports sedan that is also expected in 2015

The Esprit!

Lotus Esprit

The Elise!

Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise

The Elan!

Lotus Elan

The 4 Door Eterne!

Lotus Eterne

Oh … before someone says I forgotten one model … there is a Lotus everyday car that is based on the Concept Proton Emas as well.  But that’s not that interesting as these other 5 models … ;-)