Monday, March 02, 2009

DCIM, our very own PMA?

PMA09 is just about to begin as this post is being published and for the first time, Malaysia will be having a similar tradeshow, the Digital Camera, Imaging and Media Show 2009.  Quite obviously, it is going to be a subset of what is at PMA09 and being about 3 weeks later, it will also mean that most announcements will be a repeat of PMA09.

However, it is not the announcements that will attract the visitors, it’s the chance to “touch” the latest gadgets.  With the promise of “visitors to DCIM Show 2009 will get the benefit of hands-on experience of trying out the devices” and with lots of workshops and prizes to be won, they can rest assured that the gear loving Malaysian photographers will be there.

Of course, there’s the promise of the “velocity angels competition” where photographers are invited to snap away!  I am sure I will try to find time to go … if work permits.

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