Saturday, March 21, 2009

End of Sony Ericsson? Just Sony?

An interesting news came up recently with regards to Ericsson wanting to get out of the partnership with Sony on the mobile market.

I think Sony has much to gain from all this for the last few years.  If they had tried to enter the market on their own, they would probably be slightly better than Panasonic’s “success” with their mobile phone but they went in with Ericsson who had an established market share (my first mobile phone was an Ericsson).  This whole episode also shows that Sony knows how to manage a once troubled mobile handset company (Ericsson) and turn it into a successful business.  With it’s Cybershot and Walkman brand names, I think they did very well here.

Now, will it also happen to the DSLR market?  For one, I think it is not “consumer” electronics and hence they may face some issues.  They may do well with the Point and Shoot Digital Cameras, but I think the DSLR market is different.  What say you?

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