Thursday, March 12, 2009

Auntie Yong’s Pan Mee @ Taman Equine

I heard quite a number of people who told me that there is this Pan Mee place in Taman Equine opposite the Jusco shopping mall.  This is written after going there twice, the first time for some Pan Mee soup whilst the recent one was for the Dry version.


I had a small portion of the “fine” pan mee version.  The portion is relatively standard in size, sufficient for a lunch and it is served with this slightly piquant combination of chilies, ginger and other stuff that I am not sure.


(Apologies on the picture quality … too much bokeh on it with my mobile phone camera!)

In addition to the chili, the anchovies were also served as a separate side.


Overall, it is just an average bowl of regular Pan Mee.  I don’t taste nor feel that there is anything special about this place.  You can find this place at

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Anonymous said...

It is a fine line between Bokeh and Blur..