Thursday, March 19, 2009 … 2 Monthly Competitions This Month!

In addition to the competition titled “Bokeh” on Photo Malaysia, they have added a new competition titled “Sunset”.  This is probably the first time I have heard of two competitions in a monthly competition (just me being sarcastic here, please ignore).  I am actually very please to see that Photo Malaysia is able to promote photography through competitions and I think this is a very healthy thing.


The government should support (maybe they already are but I don’t know) these type of activities which is after all healthier and cheaper than modifying 125cc motorcycles.  Before people tell me that “Hey, a DLSR is going to cost a few thousand!”, let me clarify a little.  Firstly, a low-end or 2nd hand DLSR can be obtained below RM1,500 (recently, I have even witness a 2nd hand unit with the kit lens being purchased for less than RM900 and that’s with a few months warranty left on it!) and more importantly, the competition is open to any type of photography (just that if you use film, you need to scan it).  A simple brand new digital camera, such as the Panasonic LS-80 (picture below),  can take 7.1 Megapixels and cost less than RM400 which is probably much less than trying to bore and polish a few cylinders on the motorcycle.


On a side note with regards to the competition, it seems rather unfair to the people who are living on the east coast but then they can always take very creative shots of sunset going down on the hills instead of the sea.  So far, I have seen good response to this particular competition, even without a prize being specified.  I mean, the 1st prize can be nothing or maybe a banana peel or worse, maybe by winning the prize, you will be chosen to be the official photographer for Taman Negara without pay!  So, please do support these initiatives ;-)

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