Tuesday, March 03, 2009

37.5 megapixel camera anyone?

During PMA09, Leica announced a mind boggling 37.5 megapixel camera!  Here’s Sony who has been touting it’s Alpha 900’s 24 minipixel camera and in comes Leica with it’s S2!

It has a 30 x 45 mm sensor!  Boy, that’s huge and so is the camera.  Only problem is that it is rumoured to cost more than a luxury class car!  (In US terms lar, in Malaysian terms, it cost more than one of those Honda Civics).

This make me wonder, a 37.5 megapixel camera is probably sharp enough to print … a very large format at … errr … what size? 4”x6” takes about 1 megapixel (so they say), so a full size bunting at super duper sharpness?

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Unknown said...

Hi, Leica's last try at digicams wasn't so good, perhaps this is it?
A really really good camera, nearly as good as a film cam.
But anyway these (MP)sizes will be common in a few years.
I'll stick to my Fuji9500 one lens, macro to 1cm, telephoto to 375mm. takes pics in the dark.
etc. £100 second hand.