Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shashinki’s affiliate programme

You will find on this blog (at the time of posting anyway) that there is a shashinki banner on the right hand side, somewhere hidden at the bottom.  It’s kinda free advertisement for Shashinki.com as Dr Kho is a smart fella.


Anyway, why I say that it is a smart move but one that maybe won’t last very long.  Whether it last or not, it does not really matter as Shashinki would have received some publicity via the various sites.  Now, nothing comes free as Shashinki have invested quite some effort in starting this up as they provide some reports for their affiliates.

To me, there are 3 main things that makes this work well for Shashinki.  Firstly, they get free impressions, secondly they get free click through, and finally, if a visitor actually buys something from their site within 48 hours due to the click through, the payout is just 0.5%.  The 3rd part is significant as the payout will only happen when the amount reaches RM50 or more, which means a RM10,000 purchase.  Now, if someone is to purchase RM10,000 worth of products, they probably will think a few times and search around.  This means that it will be unlikely that it will happen within 48 hours.  Furthermore, most of us who purchase items online would probably clear our cookies for security reasons and hence Shashinki would not be able to track it.

Ok, instead of sounding like someone who complains a lot, I would like to state that it is not a complain (as it is my choice whether to put it up or not) but just dissecting the ingenuity of the idea behind it.  Personally, I will still put it, in support of Shashinki’s effort and as long as I have space on my site to spare, why not help someone.


Anonymous said...

It is all about for the greater noble cause..

Dr Koh said...

The cookies have now set to 7 days, and the payout amount is minimum now. Commission also has been raised to 2% .


Ian Tan said...

Thanks for the update Doc ...