Friday, March 27, 2009

Jalil Seafood Restaurant @ Bukit Jalil

Well, obviously it is in Bukit Jalil.  How to find it … that’s going to be tough to explain to people who are not familiar with the location, so below is the map.

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For those who are reasonably familiar with the place, it is between Green Avenue Condominium and IMU (International Medical University).  It’s located at the cream coloured new shoplots and is visible from the road.

I did not intend to write about it as it was just a convenient place to have dinner that evening, so the pictures may not do it much justice.


First off, as usual for me is the fried spinach.  Nothing to shout about, slightly undercooked but crispy.  Quite different from other places where it will be cooked until slightly mushy.  Personally, I prefer the mushy type.


Next up, egg with chinese sausage.  Again, nothing much to talk about, very standard dish but fried well without it being burnt.


We did not know what else to order, being first timers there and no one had recommended this place before, so we seeked the waitress’ recommendation for their house tau-foo.  It turned up in a steaming mini wok which looks like a mix of various things into a wok.  However, it does taste quite smooth (maybe all the corn starch) and aromatic but I can’t pin point anything special about it.


We also ordered from fish fillet with salad sauce but when it came, I was about to send it back as I thought they sent the wrong stuff.  It looks like ham-chee-pheng or salted fried dough.  From the picture above, doesn’t it look like it?

Overall, nothing we ordered was worth mentioning about BUT nothing to complain about either.  It is just an ordinary meal that I will be returning to.  Not sure why, but it’s just pleasant place to have a simple dinner.

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