Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Stitch for that occasional need for wide angle lens …

What do you do when you want to shoot wide angle?  You can borrow your friend’s fish-eye lens or you can rent a lens or you can go out and buy one.  However, if you only do so once in a blue moon … there’s an alternative but a limited one at that.

Following my posting on creating panorama pictures, you can use the same technique for your occasional wide angle needs.  As an example, I took the following picture of a corner of a store/spare room with the widest lens setting I have, 18mm, ISO 400, 1/60, F5.6.DSC01366I then proceeded to take 2 pictures with the same parameters as the first one.  As can be clearly seen, the 2nd picture has a different exposure.

DSC01367 DSC01368

Once again, using Microsoft ICE, it stitched the pictures together and adjusted the exposure appropriately.


The final picture provides a much wider perspective of the room (but note the the exposure adjustment is a giveaway).


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Anonymous said...

I am thinking that the way to solve this problem is not to buy wider lense but a bigger house with bigger room :D