Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Photography Certificate Courses – Din Arshad

I came across Din Arshad several months back from a fellow colleague.  I have never visited them but they do have some short courses and are working out a more serious syllabus for a complete course as well.


Din Arshad’s have a myriad of clients who engages his services for product, architectural and promotional shots.  He also provides courses for (taken from his website);

Beginner Level
   1. Introduction Of Photography
   2. Fundamental Camera Control
   3. Types Of Camera
   4. Safety
   5. Controlling Composition And Exposure
   6. Introduction To Digital Photography
   7. Career Development Opportunities
   8. Hands On Photo Demo

Intermediate Level
   1. Camera Lenses And Related Accessories
   2. Artificial Lighting Electronic Flash
   3. Intermediate Digital Photography
   4. Critiquing Photographs
   5. Professional Presentation Portfolios
   6. Hands On Photo Demo

Advance Level
   1. Commercial Photography
   2. Studio Lighting
   3. Photography And Advertising
   4. Potraiture
   5. Advance Digital Photogarphy
   6. Advance Digital Manipulation
   7. Taking Care Of Business
   8. Hands On Photo Demo

You can read a little more about his classes here.

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