Friday, March 20, 2009

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival – Friday Morning

On the way to work this morning, I decided to find out where the hot air balloons are suppose to be.  It was quite a difficult drive looking out for hot air balloons in order to find the location as they were not in flying.  It was easier in Penang, where we can look our for Komtar and drive towards it to get to town.  Anyway, I just followed signs to Presinct 2 near the government administrative offices and the first thing that caught my eye was a balloon.


Ok, so I thought to myself, “I hope it is not a miniature version as by now I should be able to see the balloons in the sky”.  Anyway, the good thing was that I saw a Nescafe balloon!  But, I was not able to take a picture of it as I was driving.  Isn’t it just great to start a day with Nescafe!

I decided to step out of the car and quickly take a few shots as there was an announcement over the loudspeakers that they are not flying today and please come back tomorrow (or was it come back this evening). 


I will drive pass that was on the way home to check out the skies in case they are flying this evening.  It is located at the Monument in Putrajaya Presinct 2.  The monument looks like the picture below.


Anyway, back to the highlights of the short 10 minute photography session.


blog5   blog6

 blog7  blog9   blog10



Ok, enough of the balloon pictures, it is a festival after all, so being Malaysians, we must have FOOD.



blog14Should be getting more pictures of the balloons over the weekend and hopefully, they will be flying.


Anonymous said...

Looks good. Hope it won't be too crowed in the weekend.

Ian Tan said...

I drove by in the evening, it was very hap hazard. There was no parking control ...

keeyit said...

I want to go there too. Most probably Saturday evening. I afraid it will be jam...