Thursday, March 26, 2009

Macy Sales

This was meant to be written/blogged about sometime ago but I never got round to it.  Macy’s, headquartered in Bangunan Minlon, near Desa Serdang, is having one of their best sales.  Their advertisement in the papers is also quite eye catching but unfortunately, I do not have a copy of it to scan here.


This is they stock clearance sale which they claim they are getting rid of in order to make room for new inventory.  Well, it’s marketing, whether they are actually doing so (probably not as they have lots of space in that building) or not, we don’t really know.


As the large banner puts it, it is until 5th April, so hurry up!.  We managed to get some good bargains for curtains, where they have a selection of ready made curtains at 60% discount!


Of course, we also needed the curtain hooks for the railings and they do stock everything you need.


We bought for 3 windows and 1 large sliding door and with the 60% discount, it totaled up to less than USD75 for basically the whole house!


Oppsss, the walls are not painted properly yet!  The above is for the gray curtains whilst the one below is a yellowish curtains.


So, hurry up!  Sale ending soon.


Anonymous said...

Haha curtain shot on the floor one aa..

Ian Tan said...

he he ... somemore camera phone shot!