Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Matta fair is here …

The real message should be “Avoid PWTC Area This Weekend” as the wannabe travelers congregate for the now twice yearly bon fire.  It is interesting to note that there are lots of similarity with the PIKOM’s PC Fair other than the fact that during PC Fair, there are other non-bargain hunters who goes around with a piece of equipment that’s ergonomically difficult to carry, easily damaged and is actually expensive!  (Well, indirectly they are also bargain hunters as there are free models for them to practice their portrait shots on).

mattaWell, back to the similarity portion.  Matta Fair vs PC Fair, the name itself is similar for one!.  It is a place where people go to in order to get bargains (or so they think).  In the case of PC Fair, normally, you will get bargains on things that are either going to be obsolete, or there’s a drop in price anyway (e.g. cheap memory, and 2 weeks later, it has the same street price anyway).  Occasionally, you will get real bargains but they are usually limited in quantities.  So, so far, (1) name and (2) bargains.

On the visitors side, I am not too positive about the benefits.  For example, there are many people who go to PC Fair (yours truly included) just to “look see look see” and actually endure the traffic jam (i.e. time and gas money), pay the parking (more money) and possibly have expensive coffee in KLCC area (even more money).  At the end, it’s a whole day gone, spent quite a lot of money with nothing to show.  Even if they do get something, it is probably effectively cheaper for them to head towards Low Yat directly.  For Matta Fair, the last time I was there, the “bargains” that I got, I would also be able to get it if I went to the travel agent directly.  The only catch is that if you are unlucky, they will be sold out during Matta Fair (which usually doesn’t happen for PC Fair unless obsolete products).  Again, the time, petrol, parking and expensive coffee (especially it is for 2 or more) comes up to be about the same as giving your regular travel agent a call!  (3) bargain, it may not be.

BUT, in my frank opinion, most of the people who make up the crowd are not there because of the bargains.  I sincerely believe that most PC Fair / Matta Fair visitors are there as an outing with friends and family (and maybe strangers).  How many of you actually go to these places on your own without inviting or asking others to go along?  It is just an excuse like “let’s go shopping” but that’s just plain irresponsible isn’t it?  To ask others to spend money unnecessarily but “let’s go get ourselves a deal of the century”, now that’s what a friend should be doing.

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