Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reliance on a SatNav (GPS)

We normally call these little PDA sized devices GPS here in Malaysia and in different parts of the world, it is called differently.  Sometime in the forth quarter of last year, I had my first experience with a SatNav (Satellite Navigation) and borrowed a Garmin Nuvi 600.


This model is sold exclusively in Europe but I am quite sure that there are a few units in Malaysia as well.  I would say that once we got used to it, it was a very useful device and over-reliance on it suddenly sets in.  Overall, it was a great experience with the following mishaps during the 2 weeks of usage.

1. Whilst driving on the M25, trying to by-pass central London to get from Windsor to the Docklands, the SatNav’s battery went flat (and I did not bring the car charger!). That was quite an experience as I had our Swedish friends with us who were extremely worried but never-the-less helpful in not panicking.  Anyway, all went well when I got back into Wimbledon and pass Putney, the rest was quite plain sailing.

2. Somewhere between Oxford and Birmingham, the SatNav took us through a small country road (one of those B roads) and there was a roundabout that was not registered by the SatNav.  This was interesting experience as being highly reliant on it, I was suddenly at a lost on what to do!  Thinking back, it was such a silly situation as in any normal circumstances I did not need to think very much and just drive and take a 12 o’clock.

There are some other minor ones such as leading us towards the old entrance of a Theme Park instead of the new entrance but why I am writing about this is that to warn others not to be too reliant on this little helpful device.  This fella nearly lost his life!

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