Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blackberry or Not?

Due to the nature of my work, that is ... being in many places all the time everytime and anytime ... I have been asked to consider carrying a Blackberry . Now, why do I need to thin about this? Well, for the record, I think that the mobile phone is the worst invention of the last century. What!?! I hear you say ... my opinion is that the mobile phone has made humans somewhat incapable of planning their time well, meetings can be arranged and canceled within 5 minutes and we just don't try to be on time anymore as being 3 minutes late is ok since we can just call and inform the other party.

Wait, let's go back to the Blackberry ... why am I thinking about it, 'coz eventhough I think the mobile phone is bad (which incidently, I think of the same of the Blackberry), I do carry a mobile phone with me for the last 13 years! I have the same mobile number for the last 13 years and it has kinda stuck on me ... so, now what?