Saturday, March 14, 2009

IKEA Planner

Following my previous day’s post on the IKEA marketing where I bought the Laver dining set and placed it in the office, I decided to try out the IKEA Planner software.

I downloaded the software, installed it and without much tutorials or learning how to use it, I just proceed.  It is an easy to use tool (with of course, quite a bit of limitations in terms of windows or door types) and I able to quickly draw up a similar layout as to the actual placement of the furniture.


As compared to my previous posts image.

Impressed that they DO STANDARDIZE it internationally!


Anonymous said...

Aiya how come didnt promote the person that introduced the software to you one.. at least mention lah website URL. :P

Ian Tan said...

Don't worry, that person's website is already linked ... :P