Friday, March 20, 2009

Can we dream of such a Sony DSLR deal?

sonycarddealWhy is it that the grass is always greener elsewhere?  For one, Sony is having a great deal in the US where when you apply for the Sony Visa Card, you get to buy a Alpha 200 DSLR with the kit lens for USD217/- (USD317 plus a USD100 card credit).

This can mean 2 things, either Sony is really in trouble and needs to boost sales or a replacement for the A200 is in the cards.  I think with all the rumours flying around before the PMA09 about new introductions of A200/300/350 replacement, it seems likely that the latter is the case.  Of course, Sony is also not doing as well and is also effected by the global economic crisis.

You can check out Sony Rewards site from time to time to see if the grass is actually greener elsewhere.

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