Monday, April 13, 2009

[Macro] A very quick close up shot of a fly!

This is probably the 2nd time I went to the Sepang F1 track the week after an F1 race!  And once again, there just seem to have too many flies around.

Sepang F1

This place hosted the 2nd race of the F1 calendar for 2009.

Petronas F1

Anyway, using my el-cheapo USD12 +4 close-up filter, I took this shot in the pit garage.

Close-Up Fly

Wish I had a proper macro lens.  The fly was very small and landed on the tyre. A 100% crop below.


It’s not a good macro shot, so anyone can sponsor me some moo-lah for a Sigma SP90 Macro? …

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kuanhoong said...

Wow fly also go to Sepang to watch the race.. really happening fly :D