Friday, April 24, 2009

Close-Up/Macro comparison of DSLR and compact cameras

The earlier post of the dragonfly may not reflect what a shivering photographer can do with a compact in a swimming pool.  In this very short posting, I decided to take 2 close-up shots using a DSLR and a compact.


Dragonfly with Canon IXUS 75

Note that this is not a good comparison but it gives an idea of a mid-end compact (Canon IXUS 75) versus a low end DSLR (Sony Alpha 200).  Firstly, they are both of different mega pixels in size and these shots are taken handheld.  The compact is without any add-ons, just using Macro mode whilst the DSLR has a cheap +4 close-up filter attached to the lens.


Sony Alpha 200 DSLR


Canon IXUS 75

These are not 100% crops as they are of different sizes but it gives an idea of the sharpness that’s missing from the compact.  Of course, a high-end compact with larger sensors would probably do a lot better.

However, as evident in the dragonfly picture above, some level of sharpness can be achieved with a compact.  New generation compact, although with smaller sensors are actually quite good.


kuanhoong said...

Hmm what are that two black thing aa?

Vivien said...

wow, good post, was thinking of buying ixus 75