Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eighteen Room @ Tropicana City, PJ

This is a new restaurant by TT Resources Berhad (Tai Thong) that specializes in congee and noodles.  Ok, let’s go straight into it (apologies on the pictures as I have this problem with vignette on my very old 3.2MP camera).


The service was very prompt, maybe because we somehow got the manager to serve us.  We were seated quickly, the menu was handed out and they gave us a few minutes before they came back.


We ordered quite a variety which included congee, mushroom (vegeterian) cheong fun, char leong (yau-char-kuai wrapped in cheong fun, siew-yoke rice, siew-long-pau, siew-mai, wanton noodles and special siew-pau.


First off, the congee was well cooked and presented.  No negative comment on it, tasty with just the right amount of sesame seed oil.


The vegetarian cheong fun was quite a disappointment, as it was too sticky.  Probably not to my liking.


The most disappointing dish of the lot was the char-leong.  Maybe I had much better ones before and it seems that it is not commonly available here.  Anyway, they used the normal yau-char-kuai and this kinda spoils it.  The presentation was very crude as well.


Luckily the siew-yoke rice was presented well and the siew-yoke had a crisp exterior and soft interior.  The rice was nicely cooked, not too grainy and not too sticky.  Surprisingly lovely for a dish that we normally eat for lunch.

siew-mai siew-long-pau

The two tim-sum dishes we had were the siew-mai and the siew-long-pau.  Both were very good, but our order of extra ginger for the siew-long-pau never arrived.  Hence the last siew-long-pau was eaten by yours truly without the ginger and that’s not too great.


The final dish we ordered was an after thought, when we saw other tables ordering it.  It was nearly a “heavenly” bun with char-siew inside.  It looks large, but the inside is nearly 90% empty and with a single hand, you can probably squeeze it to the size of a meatball.

Overall, the food is ok, above average and the price is quite reasonable for the ambiance and the location.  We spent about RM90 for dinner, including some drinks.

The restaurant is located in Tropicana City mall, GPS coordinate N3.130307 E101.629061.

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kuanhoong said...

Hehe I think you practically ordered everything that starts with the word siew. :D

"siew-yoke rice, siew-long-pau, siew-mai, and special siew-pau."

CS said...

yum yum :P