Monday, April 06, 2009

Brands and Internet Penetration

In my personal opinion, how a country perceive brands can be used as an indication of many things.  For example, The Star newspaper reported that 100Plus and Sony are the 2 main brands in Malaysia, even higher than Google!

PressBrands This is very surprising to me, maybe not on the 100Plus but the fact that Sony is actually ranked higher than Google and even Gardenia bread!  Having a quick read of the article, it dawn upon me that maybe it is a true reflection on how connected Malaysians are compared to Singaporeans as they have Google ranked higher.  But again, in Hong Kong, Sony is ranked higher than Yahoo!.  Maybe their citizens are more into consumer electronics and being on the net.


Coming back to the fact that Sony as a brand is huge!  Maybe not that surprising as I am also a “victim” of their brand marketing.  (Note to self, need to get a Panasonic next … opss, just realized Panasonic is also very high up in the list!).  I think most of my consumer electronics stuff are Sony and most of my home electricals are panasonic.

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