Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Proton Satria Neo R3, Round 5 and 6

Following my last visit to the unofficial Satria Neo R3 race, I was back again on Monday at Sepang.  This time with better weather (for photography anyway), I was able to explore the circuit a little more.


The day was great, pleasantly warm (unless you are a photographer running around trying to make sense of why the DSLR should be a better camera than a regular compact!).

Before the Race

All was quiet, on track.

Track Preparation

But the garage was quietly busy with final preparations for the cars, making sure that they are clean and shiny (for people like me to take some pictures).

Stick Shift

The mechanics and pit crew were also doing their final preparations.

Tyre Check


Brake BleedingIt was a good and quiet time, where we got a close up view of the Gen-2 R3 as well.


Next … the race …

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