Friday, April 17, 2009

Satria Neo R3 race girls

For those who have been following the last few postings from my blabber from talking about flies to my second more successful experience with panning, you may be asking … hey, did I really just took pictures of the cars?


There was a hint of a race queen somewhere and from my older postings, there were some pictures.  Well, I might as well share some of them here.


Off You Go

Hey Gals



Hey, she is a Sony user!

The Sony Gal

I Love Sony

I wonder whether Sony will pay for this picture =)


kuanhoong said...

Wondering why suddenly there is a picture with just two umbrellas there..

As for the girls.. what can I say.. everything is just perfectly aligned.. :-D

LithiumMind said...

Nice pictures. What camera and lens did you used? Love the creamy bokeh :P

Vivien said...

is that her bra pad? :P

Ian Tan said...

Lithium, thanks ... Sony A200, SAL75-300.

Vivien ... is it? I don't know what that looks like =)