Sunday, June 14, 2009

Super sized Hibiscus @ Cameron Highlands

The national flower of Malaysia is the Hibiscus flower, more specifically the red hibiscus.  Many of us are used to seeing this flower all over Malaysia, mainly in the rural areas where they grow aplenty.

Pink Hibiscus

I was up in Cameron Highlands recently and although flower photography is not really my cup of tea, I was quite taken aback with the size of the hibiscus that were growing everywhere there.  In fact, there have so many different colours of the flower.  The picture below is to give an idea of the size, compared to a 50 cents coin.


A close up shot of the flower.


Pictures were taken in the evening with the Canon IXUS 75, with flash.


kuanhoong said...

Hmm flower photos..

mrcuteblackie said...

I am from Cameroon, and hybiscus is
the most common flower there. It is in everyone's neighbourhood, thugh we did not yet know the medicinal use. All I know is that kids always pluck suck the nectar off the flowers as a pass-time. And boy, the nectar is soooo delitious and a huge volumes come out of each flower. We do not even use fertilizers on this plant because Cameroon is its natural habitat. The flower is used in fences, hedges, and to decorate around houses. It is sometimes used in enemas in Cameroon. You can pluck it for free in any garden or house. I recenltly read that it has a lot of medicinal properties, especial phytoadrogens, a substance that acts like testosterone. How rich!

mrcuteblackie said...

Yeah, I am a Cemroonian, born and bred there. Hybiscus is our national flower, the most common flower, and we (as kids) used to pluck the flowers and drink the nectar directly from the source! And boy each flower has a large volume of nectar, so delicious I could take a plane back just to drink that.