Monday, June 15, 2009

Micro Four Thirds standard

A new maikuro-fosa-zushi-sutemu will be introduced by Olympus soon, probably as a compact digital camera.  The four thirds sensor standards have been making in-roads in the DSLR market where not only Olympus is using it but also Panasonic and a few others.  This is the standard that they are pushing, which has a crop factor of about 2 compared to a full-frame sensor.  The mainstream DSLR players are mainly focused around the APS-C or equivalent sizes where the crop factors are about 1.5.

Olympus Logo

Olympus will probably be using this same sensor size in their compact or maybe with their bridge (pro-sumer) cameras soon.  If they do this, it is quite evident that the near future of DSLRs would be full-frame or larger sensors.

Most compact or bridge digital cameras are still using very small sensor sizes and let’s hope that this new standard will be introduced to enhance the capabilities of compact digital cameras in terms of sharpness.  If this micro four thirds standard is used in compact cameras then we can also expect the megapixels race to take another leap.

Olympus is expected to launch some new “standards” tomorrow, let’s wait and see what they say.

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