Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Homer Simpson on GPS!

It has been sometime since I posted anything to do with automobiles, my last post was to warn others about being too dependent on their satellite navigation (or GPS)!  That was quite a few months back.  I just recently got news of the availability of Homer Simpson’s voice (actual voice is Dan Castellaneta) on your SatNav!  That’s really cool!


This is currently exclusively available for TomTom devices and is available in the US and UK for about USD13 and GBP8 respectively.

I am not a big fan of SatNavs but I really would like to have one that goes “DOH! You took a wrong turn” or “Take the second exit. We might find an Moe’s bar! Mmm... beer”.

Visit for samples of the voice, I wish I have a tomtom GPS now.

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