Friday, June 05, 2009

Chawan @ Bangsar

This will probably be a very short post as I just need very few words to describe the Curry Laksa.  Superb!  This actually caught me by surprise as my expectations of it wasn’t much.  I was just there got a quick lunch and it wasn’t very pack so I walked in, look at the limited menu and just ordered the curry laksa.


Being yours truly, I had to order side dishes to go with it.  And the fried wanton didn’t disappoint either.


Now, the interesting part is the drinks selection.  It seems that their specialty are the Nescafe mixed with brewed local coffee.  The thing is that the selection of the different types of coffee that they have is huge.  So, it is quite complicated.  Anyway, it is worth it.

Chawan (where the old Devi’s Corner was)
Jalan Telawi 3

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kuanhoong said...

Yes simple review for simple food ;-)

Looks delicious though

neil said...

Nice! :P~

Durian Guy - Malaysia said...

Interesting ... so does the name of the shop...Chawan. I think it is more associated with drinks not Curry Laksa. In that essence, you'll probably has a lower expectation. Under promise over deliver! They got u, bro!