Friday, June 19, 2009

Otak-Otak Place @ Tropicana City Mall


I seem to be visiting the Tropicana City Mall on a regular basis and wanted to try out a different outlet each time. One that kinda caught my eye was this kinda confusedly decorated outlet called Otak-Otak.


It had modern contemporary layout with old fashion memorabilia lookalikes and an in-between era kopi-tiam tables. Nothing really wrong with it, just looked out of place.


After all the different drinks that I have had, I just thought that I go for a different berry & longan drink. It did not disappoint.


I had the nasi lemak with otak-otak, which was served in a tiffin. That’s not that important I guess, what’s important is the quality and taste. Overall, I find it just nice, not too spicy, the rice can be more fragrant and the otak-otak is a good complement to the nasi lemak.

Other dishes that were ordered were;


Fish-head beehoon.


Fish otak-otak.


Otak-otak burger.


Curry laksa meehoon.


Hainanese chicken rice. (Surprisingly for a place that’s specializes in otak-otak, their chicken rice seems to be of higher standards than their otak-otak).


Otak-otak roll.


“Rekindle Your Passion”. I guess it was a good try, decor can be better. It is located on the 1st floor of the Tropicana City Mall.

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molly said...

Wao, all the foods look so yummy! I love to eat Otak-otak so will definitely go and try the dishes, but not sure when.:):)

Horlic said...

Tried the otak-otak. Yummy! Tea time set very cheap! hope the promotion is still on-going. wana bring some friends to try there too