Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lumix DMC-LZ8: 5x Zoom

First in the series of postings about the “plus” points of owning this Lumix LZ-8 is actually the reasonable zoom range that it provides. It’s actual stated range is from 5.2mm to 26mm but due to the size of the sensor, it is actually, the equivalent of 32mm – 160mm. Below are some shots to show the range of the camera.


1x Zoom (32mm)


5x Zoom (160mm)

Both were taken handheld. The additional plus point on this budget camera is the E.Zoom button which at a press of the button will zoom from 1x to 5x without the need to move the flimsy zoom dial around the shutter button.


I think this will make the flimsy zoom ring last longer =)

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kuanhoong said...

Very good hor.. zoomed so much.. still very sharp leh that picture..