Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reunion Dinner … Part II

At the time to posting, we actually had Part III of our reunion dinner but I won’t be putting up the photos here.  We had Part III at Pantai Seafood and since it had been blogged about umpteen times, I will leave it at that.

Back to Part II.  Part I wasn’t really that satisfying and probably an experiment that didn’t go too well (in my opinion anyway) although the most important part, which was “in abundance”.  As such, we proceeded with Part II with exactly the same suspects for dinner.  This time, it’s mainly home cooked food.


The main attraction of the evening is … as usual the lobak and the ju-hu-char!

Grandma's Lobak


Not forgetting the lobak sauces …

Lobak Sauces

And the fresh lettuce and sambal belacan for the ju-hu-char.

Sambal Belacan

Fresh Lettuce

And the traditional Pompret that always appears each Chinese New Year.  It is a kinda must have …


For a mix between Penang Nyonya and Malacca Nyonya, we imported some food as well.  The steamed version of otak-otak and home made achar.


Otak-Otak Inside


And we also bought some roast pork from Jusco.

Roast Pork Dinner number four tonight … where to now …


kuanhoong said...

Frankly.. the foods look much better than Part I

lechua said...

aaah lobak, ju-hu-char, otak - our famous penang delicacies....

Ian Tan said...

the otak^2 is malacca style ... =)