Sunday, February 07, 2010

Restaurant Lek Lek, Seri Kembangan

Table Setting

It's the weekend! So instead of eating in, which we already did for lunch, we decided to venture and find a reasonable place for food!  Well, we have heard of this Restaurant Lek Lek, located at No. 12 Jalan PSK4, Pusat Perdagangan SK, 43300 Seri Kembangan that serves a few signature dishes.

First off the line … the Foo Yong Tan (egg omelette) @ RM6.00 for the little gal.  Nothing really special about it, friend with some sliced char-siew and onions.  Nothing special but nothing wrong with it either.

Foo Yong Tan

Next to arrive, the garlic stir-friend nai-pak @ RM12.00.  It’s definitely fresh, crunchy and not oily!  Well done.

Milk White

Then came one of their signature dishes, minus the fish head!  We ordered curry vegetables @ RM16.00!  A tad expensive for a mixed vegetable curry. The curry is very aromatic, thick, nicely spicy BUT salty.  However, it will go very well with plain white rice.

Curry Vegetables

The next dish took some time to arrive after the first 3 and whilst waiting for the stuffed ma-yau yee @ RM24.00, we ordered another house speciality, the sweet and sour pork @ RM10.00.  Firstly, the ma-yau yee is basically fish paste made from a fresh fish, stuffed back onto the fish head and tail, deep fried and served with soy sauce, spring onions garnishing.  It also comes with a nice light piquant chilli sauce.

Stuff Ma Yau Yee

The stuffed fish paste is really springy, tasty and quite unique.  It is worth the RM24.00 as the amount of work is quite significant.  You just need someone to dig the fish paste meat from the fish head!

Sweet and Sour Pork

The house speciality sweet and sour pork gave us some mixed feelings.  It is no doubt tasty and what’s important crispy.  However, it feels like it’s made of deep friend flour, hence a vegetarian version instead of having any real meat in it.  Having said that, we wiped the dish clean as well.

Considering that we are 2 adults with 2 young kids, we actually cleaned out 5 dishes!  And nothing to doggy bag and nothing left on the table either!  I just that’s a simple enough testament to whether we will return to this place.  The food is not perfect or elegantly served but it’s above average.  Bear in mind that after a few hours, not a single one of us is thirsty … which is kinda unusual in these joints.

Restaurant Lek Lek

Burp …

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