Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sony Mirrorless Lens Interchangeable Digital Camera (NEX5) Advertisement

After some rumours that the A700 replacement would probably be only made available during or after Photokina (circa September 2010) whilst the entry level video capable DSLR is suppose to be launched first, attention has been moved to Sony’s Mirrorless Camera.  The current expectation is that it will be called the NEX5.

Anyway, a promotional video / advertisement has already been made available on YouTube (see below) with the image of the actual camera very much blurred out.  One thing I noticed from the video is the DSLR clicking sound seems less crude but hey, that may be just a promotional video.

Now we have Sigma, Samsung and Sony have mirrorless interchangeable DSLR grade cameras ... and of course Olympus and Panasonic with the micro four thirds ^_^

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