Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Reunion Dinner … Part 1

This is part 1 of the reunion dinner as we actually had a part 2 the next day too!  Anyway, to be different for this year, we decided to eat out for the first time.  It seems to be a normal trend where small families with increasingly smaller kitchens book a restaurant to have their reunion dinner.  We decided to give it a try for this year …

Entrance with Menu

Evening Lights

The table setting was very RED, but quite beautifully simple.  It gives an elegant feel to the rather resort like environment.

Dinner Table

Pretty Candle


The meal was a 7 course meal and it is quite plain although in abundance! Firstly, we started with the “now traditional” Yee Sang.

Yee Sang - 1

Then the soup, which was a non-spicy sze chuan version …

Szechuan Soup - 2

Then the longevity noodles with chicken and seafood, which was quite yummy actually.

Noodles with Seafood - 3

Then came the vegetables with three types of mixed mushrooms.

Vegetables with 3 Types of Mushrooms - 4

Following that the prawns which was quickly peeled and finished by … our dear uncle and yours truly …

Prawns - 5

An interesting dish that we were served after that was chicken in sesame sauce.  When it first came, I thought it was to-fu with minced meat on it!  It also tasted quite interesting as the taste of the tau-chu (bean paste) definitely overwhelm the sesame sauce.

Sesame Sauce Chicken - 6

We were all so stuffed that when the deserts came, we just had a sip of it.  Again, it was an unusual concoction which was a mixed of almond tasting soupy dish with some sweet corn in it …

Desert - 7

Well, these pictures are dedicated to my sister in law and family who can’t be with us for this dinner … and also our next home cooked reunion dinner (to be posted later … tired now).


Hope everyone had a good reunion meal …


kuanhoong said...

hehe makan throughout the whole new year aa.. good sign.. means got makan all the way

lechua said...

which restaurant is this? we ate out too for reunion.

Ian Tan said...

@lechua: at the club house :P do drop by ...