Saturday, February 20, 2010

Much awaited PMA2010 starts … A700 replacement to be announced?!? [Updated]

Well, technically it is tomorrow but news and announcements have already started weeks prior to the much awaited yearly event!  Olympus, Fujifilm and Nikon have all pre-announced their bridge cameras with superzoom, some up to 20x!  Sony has also started to make some minor announcements such as the 2 new Cybershots, the TX-5 and the H55.


Well, rumours have it that Sony will announce the Alpha 700 replacement as well as one other DSLR!  My guess is that it will be the A7xx and the A1xx, the latter is an entry level DSLR without a built-in motor.  We will find out soon … really soon!

Rumours have it that the replacement A700 will actually shoot video!  That’s a bit of a surprise but again … we’ll see … stay tuned!

[Updates] News, news, news …

  • Concept model of an ultra-compact interchangeable lens digital camera system that packs the quality of a DSLR camera in an extraordinarily small body, along with interchangeable lenses
  • Mid-range concept camera for advanced users (a successor to the α700) as well as concept mainstream models
  • Prototype of a Super Telephoto Lens (500mm F4 G) with class-leading optical performance
  • Prototype of a Distagon T 24mm F2 ZA SSM, new Carl Zeiss wide angle lens for superior shots of landscapes and sweeping vistas

NEX5/NEX7 and Alpha700 replacement is confirmed!


kuanhoong said...

Hmm another cheap and good camera from Sony?...

Ian Tan said...

Updated ... mirror-less interchangeable lens camera on the way!