Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thoughts on Sony SAL50F18, SAL30M28 & HVL-F20AM

Just a few thoughts on the new Sony prime lenses.  The new lenses comes with something called the SAM, which stands for the Smooth Autofocus Motor.


Although the Sony DSLR bodies are motorized, it is complemented by the built-in motor in the lens.  My guess is that this probably works similarly to how a Nikon AF-S lens will work on the Nikon D80/D90/D300/etc.

For the new Macro lens, the DT SAL30M28, it’s minimum focus distance (MFD) is just 2cm!  That’s really close!


The new external flash is small enough to fit into our shirt-pockets, weights about the same as a small mobile phone and for those who are somehow shy about have a large piece of thingamabob sticking from the top of their cameras, this flash can be “folded away” so that it is not obvious.  It can also probably be used on the Alpha 900 as the wireless flash trigger (as the Alpha 900 does not have a built in flash) and I would not be surprise if it can also complement Sony Cybershot cameras (if not present, then future models).

I look forward to owning the SAL50F18.


sket said...

i saw the SAL50F18 at sony shop in singapore. retail $200+. price sounds alrite but how would it replace my usual kit lens from A350, the SAL1870? the sales rep says it's super sharp compare to kit lens, is it true? also, is there a budget sony macro lens, like to use it to take indoor/outdoor shot of action figures.

Ian Tan said...

SGD200 is a good price. It is however not a replacement for the kit but a complement to the kit lens. 50mm 1.8 is really useful for indoor portrait shots, or food photography. It is a sharp lens. I will be getting one in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Sket I can verify that the images from this prime are much sharper then the kit lens.

Of course the trade off is the lack of zoom... sigh... but what a prime!

Jmalov said...

Minimum Focus Distance for the
Sony SAL30M28 is : 5.1" (13cm) instead of the 2cm. that you posted.

zombieiain said...

I own the sal30m28 lens. Minimum focal distance is 2cm as originally posted. This is also stated on sony website.

Phil said...

Just looking at mine the min. focal distance is 2cm (or less) from the front of the lens to the object. The 13.3cm (5.1in) marked on the lens barrel is the distance from the object to the film plane (the sensor in the camera).