Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Broga Hill: The location

Broga Hill, a 30 minutes drive from KL city, is a popular place for photographers to capture scenic landscape photography.


The easiest explanation on how to get there is to take the SILK highway and exit at the Semenyih interchange.  You will pass two gas/petrol stations on your left and right, drive for about 5 minutes (pass the Semenyih New Town on your right) till you reach a Petronas station on your right.  Then turn off to the left (where you will see a Nottingham University billboard).  Drive pass the Nottingham University, Semenyih campus until you see lots of cars parked at the side (on weekends only) and the rabbit farm on your right.  Just follow the beaten track from there.

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The google map terrain gives you an idea of the hill.  It is about 1 km before you reach Broga (or spelt as Beroga sometimes).  From the terrain, you can see that it is about 300+ meters high.

Before you start you adventure to take pictures at Broga Hill (also known as Bukit Lalang), note that you should be reasonably fit and bring along these few items.

  1. Torchlight (unless you are not there at the two special times of the day for landscape photography)
  2. Insect repellent
  3. Face towel
  4. Change of clothing (actually just the top/t-shirt would do)
  5. Wear appropriate shoes for hiking
  6. Water (about 1 litre from personal experience would be nice)
  7. A good camera (else, what are you doing!), in a backpack! (Don’t try a sling bag)
  8. Tripod
  9. CPL filter

More pictures in next posting …


kuanhoong said...

And make sure have enough sleep ;-)

Siti Norshilla said...

hi there, do u noe how to go there from kl/bangsar?

Ian Tan said...

Hi Norshilla, find your way to the Mines shopping complex and follow that highway towards Semenyih. That's the SILK highway.

Anonymous said...

be happy and love. kiss