Friday, May 29, 2009

Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau @ Ipoh Town


This place prides itself as “The Most Famous In Town” for steam chicken, bean sprouts (taugeh) and hor fun (Ipoh Kueh Tiaw).  It is located in the middle of Ipoh Town somewhere and was difficult to find it you are from out of town.  The directions I had from the Ipoh train station was something like; go straight, turn right on the 3rd traffic, then turn right on the 2nd traffic lights, you will pass Kamdar, it is the 2nd turning on your left … boy … I was quite lost (by the way, those aren’t the actual instructions, as I don’t remember it anymore).


Anyway, we made it there for what we thought was an early dinner at 6:15 pm.  However, from the crowd that’s already there, this place probably doesn’t have peak and off-peak times, it’s quite crowded.  So, we ordered according to the “Specialised in Chicken, Bean Sprout and Kuetiau” plus a bowl of pork balls.




Food was great! But that maybe because we were very hungry.  I don’t really have any complains about the food, but I don’t really have anything special to say about it either, other than it has a tinge more sesame oil flavour to the chicken and bean sprouts which was quite aromatic.  Other than that, the bean sprout are not as fat as what I remember them to be.

One item that is worth mentioning is surprisingly not the food but the drinks.  The “kam kuat” is probably the best one I have had.


Why it is famous, I am not sure.  Maybe my taste buds over the years are not as sensitive anymore and I can’t really define why this place is different.  However, having said that, the food is actually good, just not special in anyway.

For those out of towners (like yours truly), make a note the GPS coordinates and put it into your satellite navigation, or GPS.  Worth a visit if you are in Ipoh.

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Durian Guy - Malaysia said...

I like both the chicken and the taugeh. mmm... wish i was there!