Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Street photography

I have seen many interesting and very well taken pictures of narrow streets, old buildings and ordinary streets. I have tried to take some myself and they almost always looks very boring.

Customs Building

Like the above, using the rule of the thirds, I place the clock tower on the left. But with such a plain background, it is quite boring and with the distracting lamp post on the right of the picture, it is probably uninteresting.


Another picture taken from street level on some windows on the first floor of a house. With some cropping, straightening and colour tint, the picture below was produced.


Is it any better? How about the one below? The original picture.


And the edited picture.


Your comments on the above 2 examples are welcome, I still don’t think I have an eye for street photography but I have seen enough beautiful pictures of towns and cities that I think it is worth learning about it.


kuanhoong said...

Not bad.. Good photography ;)

Durian Guy - Malaysia said...

boleh la .... well to make u feel better, u can use me as the benchmark. lol. I can't take such picture with my "sor kua" canon camera.

Ian Tan said...

Any constructive criticism?

@Durian Guy ... that camera of yours can also ...

martin said...

came across your blog when i was browsing for the review for Sony SAL50F18. your window shot looks fine but for the cropped window, i don't understand why you put 1 and a half window in the cropped picture. makes everything look unbalanced. i think if you crop the pic to show one brown window and one blue window, it will look nicer. and if you adjust the levels, the colours will be sharper and livelier. for your wall pic, i find that the leaves or bushes are distracting. especially after you made it into sephia and everything has the same color tone. but good attempt and hope you can post more pics. good to see street photos.