Monday, May 11, 2009

Broga Hill: Panorama

Once again, Microsoft Image Composite Editor (MS-ICE) is being tested out.  This time on getting a panorama view from the 2nd peak at Broga Hill.


It (MS-ICE) worked very well as everything was completely automated.  The pictures were taken hand-held, with the exposure fixed (using the AEL button on my Sony A200). Ok, the red cap shouldn’t have been there but I guess it gives it a nice contrast in terms of colours.

My other shot also had a “head” in there.


You can click on the images above for a slightly larger version.  On the 2nd image, it does look like it was “rounded” in the sky.  This may be a limitation on being totally automated.  I had a chance to actually compare this to another panorama that was done using a different software.  His picture can be found here.


kuanhoong said...

Hehe Didn't realize that both photos also have a "head" huh :)

Faye said...

Hi Ian, thanks for commenting on my blog Nice to see images from Broga again. I've cycled there once from Batu 9. Nearly died from the torture, haha!

I've since moved all my photography related post to a new blog

Ian Tan said...

Batu 9 Cheras? WOW! Yeah, been following your photo blog too, but can't comment there (some error).

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Anonymous said...

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