Thursday, May 07, 2009

Broga Hill: The hike

Now we have gotten there, let’s have a look at hiking up the hill.  Firstly, please note that it is 30 minutes from KL City … the foothill that is.  It is another 30 – 45 minutes hike up the nearly 400 metre high hill.  For this, you have to be a little bit prepared … yours truly wasn’t really prepared for this!


We actually arrived late, by about an hour and hence was not able to start before sunrise (yes, we broke the rule for taking good landscape photography), hence it was quite an ok hike as we did not need to worry about falling into the ravines!


It is a lot deeper than it looks.  Being late, I tried to take some pictures whilst hiking up.


Which wasn’t much to shout about and also for most of the time, we were under the trees.


I would advise that you bring along both your DSLR (and tripod) as well as your compact camera.  Whilst hiking if you want to take any pictures, would be much easier with the compact as you really do not have your DSLR to be hanging from your neck whilst hiking.

More pictures from the top in the next post …

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