Saturday, May 02, 2009

Strawberry Coffee Club @ PJ New Town

Petaling Jaya State or sometimes known as PJ New Town is beginning to thrive again in the evenings.  In the 70s and early 80s, this place used to be a popular hang out for many, mainly due to the then State Cinema, the performing arts at the PJ Civic Centre. the public swimming pool and the many food outlets there.  Lately, there seem to be a new live there but not as crowded as other more popular places like Desa Sri Hartamas or The Curve.

Located near Menara MPPJ (now known as Menara MBPJ), the Strawberry Coffee Club is actually 2 corner shoplots facing each other, about 3 shops away from a very popular food outlet.


We did not really ordered a meal but was there just for a light munch and to get a feel of the place.  They proudly display that they serve Illy coffee, so that’s a good start and the cakes in the display units looked yummy.  However, we were looking for something light and ended up just ordering a salad and a sandwich for dinner.

Let’s start with the bad … this place with the slightly upmarket ambiance sure doesn’t know how to present their food!  The sandwich came in the plastic covering and all they needed to do was to put it on a plate (like above instead of below!).


After being served with the china white tea cups, saucer and plates, they served the Mocha Iced Coffee in a plastic container!


Anyway, the good parts … the sandwich was fresh with some either thinly sliced cucumber or zucchinis (sorry, yours truly couldn’t tell), chicken ham and egg.  The caesar salad was crisp and nicely put together. And the pot of chamomile tea was just nicely warm.



But the highlight was the badly presented Mocha Ice Coffee.  It’s hard to explain but it’s smooth, just nicely sweet and full of flavour.  The only drawback was the fact that the Mocha was not really there.  It is located at Jalan Tengah, PJ New Town.

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Anonymous said...

I boycott any shops that serves with disposable cups, plates, chopsticks, etc.

Lets cooperate and saves the earth for ourselves and the generations to come.

mannoy said...

nice posts