Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sony A230, A330 and A380 Launched

What an unusual day to launch a product, or is it usual? I am used to associate product launches on a weekday, especially on a Thursday, so that the press and also the public can read about it before their shopping weekends. On weekends, I guess it will attract the shopping crowd but wouldn't it be better to tell them by Friday?

Anyway, Sony launched the much rumoured A230, A330 and A380 which is nothing more than basically a redesigned exterior, lighter in weight, has HDMI output, some additional guide (or built-in manual) for beginners and a different set of kit lens. Following the well accepted kit lens provided by Canons and Nikons, Sony decided to also kit their new entry level DSLRs with an 18-55 mm lens.

Prices have been announced (L = Single Kitlens SAL-1855; Y = Twin Kitlens SAL-1855 & SAL-55200);

  • The α380L, α330L and α230L will cost about $850, $650 and $550, respectively.
  • The α380Y, α330Y and α230Y will cost about $1050, $850 and $750, respectively.
  • Press announcement by Sony.

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    NAZRI said...

    Are these cameras in Singapore yet