Saturday, February 28, 2009

Picture frames … again …

After my last post, someone mentioned to me that it may not be  costly to print an 8R (approximately an A4) sized photograph but it is costly to frame it up appropriately.  It may not make sense.

IMG_0954Well, thanks to IKEA again, they do have lower cost frames that may not be as good looking but would still be ok.

They did have 8R frames for around RM5/- (<USD1.50) a few weeks back (the black one in the picture) but last weekend, sIMG_0956imilar frames are now RM9.90 (<USD3.00) (the pink one in the picture).

They also have them in  A3 sizes (the pine coloured frame) and they are real handy not only for high quality pictures but also for art work.


Anonymous said...

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- David

Anonymous said...

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