Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge - Hot Chics

Week 1

It’s been sometime since I wrote anything about cars and recently it was brought to my attention that Castrol is having this online competition where you can win some Sony prizes. Well, that got me excited as recently, Sony means Handycam or Alpha DSLR! However, looking at the website, realised that it’s for a

37” Bravia LCD TV!

Let me guess, it’s the KLV-37S400A 37” S-series BRAVIA, which unfortunately is not HD capable. The other prizes were all Sony’s, a Play Station 3 (yummy!) and a whole load of MP3 Walkman. There’s only one prize that’s non-Sony and that’s an Apple i-Pod.

Before I digress too much, this is about Castrol and over the next 4 weeks, they will be showing short videos (on YouTube) of 4 teams changing their car’s engine oil. The first is as below.

If only my mechanics are as lovely and lively (see the “shake, shake, shake” part) as these two and it doesn’t matter how long they take … I will definitely make sure I service my car as often as possible and at a Castrol workshop, but maybe with the GT-X or Magnatec (which is what I use now) as the RS probably has too long a service interval.

Sony in Reality Shows

Ah, now back to Sony. I must have been watching too many “The Amazing Race Asia” which is partly sponsored by Sony. In the race, there is usually a section of the race where the contestants are to use the Sony Handycam to make a short clip. Whether it’s subconscious marketing by Sony but in my recent search for a camcorder, Sony seems to be in my mind all the time. Furthermore, it’s fueled by the fact that I own a Sony DVD player, a Sony 25” CRT TV, a Sony PDA (actually sold), a Sony Digital Point and Shoot Camera, a Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone and a Sony DSLR.

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