Monday, February 16, 2009

Nanomist by CARs International

Over the weekend, I attended a workshop conducted by Sony at Mid-Valley.  As the workshop is more than 5 hours long, I sent in the car for a wash, polish and wax at CARs International.

When I collected, the car, I asked about the anti-bacterial “fogging” of the car which they demonstrated to me months ago.

It cost RM19.90 and I asked them to proceed with it while I read the “Digital Camera” February 2009 issue.

DSC01240Oooo … look at the shine.  Actually, the picture above is to show the “mist” inside the car which was during the process of them doing the nanomist which kills bacteria.  (Not the CARs International banner in the rear screen reflection).

It’s main function is as an anti-bacterial treatment. How effective is it, I guess we can’t really tell.

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Cheryl -_-" said...

Check out Cars international/ Worldcard deal of RM9.90 for car wash + vacuum + nanomist: