Friday, February 13, 2009

My Cheap CPL Filters

As mentioned in my earlier post, where I bought some stuff from Econware, here’s a simple example of what a novice like me can simply do easily.  Of course, it can be better if I had a better angle and also time to take these pictures properly.

DSC01094 DSC01093

Picture on the left is without the CPL filter whilst the one on the right is with the CPL filter (although not optimally filtered).  As can be seen, most of the green reflection from the trees are removed and the leaf and the stones can be seen clearly.

However, the picture through the CPL seems to have lost some of it's vivid colours. This can be "rectified" using a simple tool such as Picasa by google with the "Auto Contrast" function.


Voila … not professionally done but acceptable.

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