Friday, February 20, 2009

8 things you might not know about your Sony Alpha DSLR … Part II

This is probably something which needs a little more explaining.  In most DSLR, the flash system is called the TTL.


For those who do not know, TTL actually stands for Through The Lens (at least you learn something from reading this).  Sony has a more advance version which they call the ADI (Advance Distance Integration).


ADI is a technology that acts like an auto intensity for your flash on the Sony DSLR.  Basically, it takes into consideration the distance to the subject (working together with the ADI capable lens) to determine the appropriate settings for the flash intensity.

Setting it

By default, the settings for the flash on the Sony DSLR is on ADI.  If you would like to change it to TTL, you press the “menu” button on the left back of the camera.alpha200_menu

On the first screen, you will have the “Flash control” option.  Enter that and you can select the TTL mode.

SonyA200_rec_menu1Why would you want to override this excellent piece of technology? Or rather the question should be why does Sony allow you to select the TTL mode?

As a beginner, the ADI will help but only when direct flash is use will it be beneficial. However, as you progress with the use of the flash, you will definitely have the diffuser to remove harshness in the picture and as your flash usage technique improve, you will probably bounce the flash.  As such, the ADI may not be your best friend, so setting to TTL may be necessary.

To be continued … Part III

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Anonymous said...

Aiya I thought TTL is Time-to-live..

Now only I know it is "Through The Lens"