Tuesday, February 24, 2009

8 things you might not know about your Sony Alpha DSLR … Part VI

Traditional photographs have been using the 3:2 aspect ratio, like in your printed 3R or 4R photographs.  Unsurprisingly, your old computer monitor (CRT) also has a similar aspect ratio.

With the advent of wide screen LCD monitors for your computers and with the high definition video standards, the aspect ratio of the screens are now 16:9.  So, should we be taking pictures in this aspect ratio?

16:9 aspect ratio

a200-ratio So, if you are not aware, you can actually take pictures in this ratio as well (just like any other new camera).  To set this, press the menu button, on the second line of the first screen, you can change the aspect ratio from 3:2 to 16:9.  This is particularly useful if you playback your photos in a HD TV or on you super duper new tack sharp LCD screen.

To be continued … Part VII

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