Sunday, February 22, 2009

Car purchases are definitely not logical …

It’s amazing that over the years and especially in this foreseeable economic crisis, we still have hundreds of people that are willing to buy a car without even actually knowing exactly what it looks like or even the specifications of the car!

Proton holdings announced that they have a few hundred bookings for the yet to be officially launched MPV (that’s RM1,000 per booking).  [source: The Star Online].proton-exora-press-ad

The only official picture that I have seen is in the newspaper advertisement.

Of course there are many spy shots but I am sure not everyone is aware of their existence on the Internet.

Maybe it is due to the price where it has been announced that the M-Line Automatic will be priced at RM72,000/-.

Who knows, everyone is entitled to their own way to spend their money …. =)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, there are still many rich malaysian.
Even Tamiya cars I also never dare buy unseen. :D

Anonymous said...

economic crisis or not, Merc and BMW is reporting record sales year.

not everybody is affected by the crisis lah...